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Our Resistance Training Module provides a huge selection of exercises. Design your individual training routine easily via Drag & Drop.

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Automatic transfer of your body composition to
You have an online scale from Withings? Great - bring together your body and training data at


Strength training anatomy
You want more information about the loaded muscles? No Problem - read more about the origin, insertion and function of each muscle.

The free online training log and analysis-tool

Dr. Dr. Michael Behringer
Dr. Dr. Michael Behringer is your absolutely free online training log and analysis-tool.
You are working out regularly and want to keep record of your training and fitness data? is the right place for you to be! Don’t leave your success to chance.

Use to control your personal success and for managing your training sessions like a professional athlete. Plenty features for analyzing your data, just like our chart view, makes you stay on top of things. Keep track of your increasing endurance capacity, your loss of body fat and recognize immediately if there are any overtraining symptoms that must be dealt with.

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Our new App: Sportanalytix Gym

25.03.16 · The free training log for your pocket!

We are happy to announce our brand new Sportanalytix Gym App. With this app you will be able to record each of your performed sets (load and reps) immediately. Print versions of your training schedule are no longer needed. So save the rainforest and use our new App :)

Of course the App provides more features than that. By uploading your data to you will be able to analyze your strength gains. For that purpose just use the “Analyze Module” on our website and pick from a drop down menu the exercise you want to analyze. Thereafter choose which of the performed sets should be displayed in the graph. Alternatively, you can also display the total load (reps x load) per set, exercise, muscle group, or your entire training session.

Honestly, who ever takes the time to digitize the data from print out training schedules for such analyses? This is not because it is uninteresting but it is too laborious. With our App this is no problem. It’s all in one step. Another feature of our app is that it prefills the fields for reps and load with the data from your last session. Therefore, you will know exactly what is necessary to surpass yourself. So beat your last performance!

The training schedules for the app are created online in the “Restistance Training Module” of our website via Drag & Drop. It’s very easy! Pick from over 350 exercises in our exercise catalogue. Instructions and a thumbnail of the exercises are available within the App. So whenever you are unsure about how to perform a certain exercise, just have a quick look on the instructions. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of your next workout. So what are you waiting for?

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